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Ayush Information Hub (AIH)

Ayush Information Hub (AIH) is to disseminate all authentic & verified information related to AYUSH with the Ministry of Ayush and its eighteen Organizations (Councils for Research & Education, Laboratories, National Institutes, Drug Unit, Attached Body etc.). This information has been created / generated by the Ministry and its Organizations over the years through Research & Education. The information exists in various forms such as Texts (Concept Notes, Research Papers, Books, Literatures, Scripts etc.), Images, Audios, Videos, HTML / Web Pages etc.


The information has been segregated under twenty categories viz. Technical Data, Education Policy, Drug Policy, NMPB, Schemes, Admin, Legal, Finance, Events, Notifications, New Developments, Buzz in Ayush, Digital Ayush, Important Presentations & Speeches, Annual Reports, Statistical Publications, Lab & Pharmacopoeia, Indian medicine Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited (IMPCL), Official Language and Coordination, Parliament & RTI. The hub has provision for uploading the information under different categories and made public on approval by the concerned authorities. Accessibility & easy navigation features viz. font size, contrast, background colours, keyboard based navigation, searching options etc. have been incorporated.