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DigiBunai™ aid’s the weavers to create digital artwork and translate the saree design to be loaded to the looms. DigiBunai™ is the first of its kind Open Source software for Jacquard and Dobby weaving. DigiBunai™ is customized for Banarasi Saree having the unique feature of Garment Viewer which works as a play area for designers/weavers. The software is customizable (language and a library of local designs) and also can integrate the digital design tool of the user’s choice.


Special Features

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DigiBunai™ Dobby is a unique solution for creating virtual weave-based designing of woven samples. It enables the textile designers to conceive better.

DigiBunai™ Artwork Designer is a plateform for the free hand drawings. It also use to convert the paper sketches into workable Jacquard designs.

DigiBunai™ Fabric Creator (FC) is the way for converting Artwork into Digital fabric. FC mainly focuses on the aesthetic/artistic appearance of the fabric.

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