Established in 2014, MyGov emerged as a testament to the Indian Government's dedication to fostering robust citizen participation and engagement. The platform's establishment heralded a new era of interactive democracy, where citizens' voices are amplified and where policy decisions are enriched by public opinions. Boasting a staggering user base exceeding 28 million registered users, MyGov acts as a dynamic bridge between the Government and its constituents.

MyGov's main purpose is to make policy formulation more democratic. This platform serves as a conduit for citizens to engage meaningfully with governmental initiatives. Facilitating consultations, enabling policy outreach, and disseminating information regarding various Government schemes and programs are the pillars of MyGov's function. Through its participatory nature, MyGov not only upholds democratic values but also propels India towards a more participatory democracy, where governance reflects the collective wisdom of its people. Read More

Key Focus

feature1 3cr+ Saathis

feature2 20.53+ Lakh Votes

feature3 207.81+ Lakh Quiz Participation

feature4 147.30+ Lakh Pledges Taken