India Semiconductor Mission (ISM)


India Semiconductor Mission

Established in 2020, the India Semiconductor Mission (ISM) came into being as a resounding testament to the nation's commitment to technological self-reliance and innovation. Functioning as a distinctive Independent Business Division within DIC, ISM unfurls a strategic vision to bolster India's standing in the realm of semiconductor and display manufacturing. The establishment of ISM underscores the nation's commitment to not just adapting to technological trends but spearheading them.

At its heart, ISM aims to position India as a global player in semiconductor and display manufacturing. By functioning as a central agency for participants in semiconductor fab and display fab schemes. ISM orchestrates a cohesive and strategic approach towards India's advancements in these industries. In a world where semiconductor technology underpins a wide spectrum of applications, ISM's initiatives are poised to impact various sectors and contribute significantly to India's technological prowess and economic growth. Read More

Key Focus

feature1 Semiconductor Fab

feature2 Display Fab

feature3 Design Linked Incentive

feature4 Compound Semiconductor Fab