National eGovernance Division

Established in 2009, the National e-Governance Division (NeGD), is a keystone in the edifice of government technology adoption. NeGD's mandate to act as a technical and advisory bedrock to Ministries, Departments, and Government organizations, both at the Central and State levels, has paved the way for an evolution in governance dynamics. By functioning as a pivotal support structure, NeGD has galvanized the wave of digital governance in India.

The crux of NeGD's mission is to empower governance with technology. Over the years, this division has not only been instrumental in conceptualizing transformative projects but has also overseen their successful execution. Read More

Notable initiatives include the Digital Locker, the e-Sign platform, and the National e-Assessment Framework. Each of these initiatives has contributed to streamlining government processes, enhancing citizen services, and amplifying transparency.

NeGD envisions a society where digital governance is the cornerstone of governmental functions. By advancing digital inclusion, NeGD contributes to the creation of an informed and participatory citizenry. Its efforts converge towards equipping the nation with digital tools to navigate the challenges of governance effectively, thus reinforcing the foundation of a knowledge-driven economy.

Key Focus

feature1 Support to Government

feature2 Technical Assistance

feature3 Training & Development

feature4 Impact Assessment