Started in 2021 as a project and established in 2023 as an independent business division under DIC, INDIAai, The National AI Portal of India marked as a trailblazing initiative towards application of AI in day to day lives of citizens of India. As AI assumes the mantle of transformative technology, INDIAai arises as a centralized knowledge repository dedicated to this revolutionary field and its allied domains. Its establishment acknowledges the inevitability of AI's influence and heralds a proactive approach to harnessing its potential.

INDIAai's role extends far beyond a repository; it's a beacon guiding various stakeholders—ranging from aspiring entrepreneurs and students to seasoned professionals and academics—toward the frontiers of AI.
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Key Focus

feature1 Semantic Analysis

feature2 Machine Learning

feature3 Fintech

feature4 Predictive Analysis

Last modified : February 26, 2024