NCW Women Safety Audit Platform

NCW Women Safety Audit Platform









National Commission for Women (NCW) intends to conduct Women’s safety audit in Indian cities (initially in 14 tier II cities) through some selected institution / agency. The audit is to assess the level of safety experienced by women in public spaces and workspaces in the city based on a sample survey & focused group discussions (FGDs) and to submit a detailed report in this regard

The objective of the project is to design and development of a data collection / market survey platform (web & mobile app) intended to be used by surveyors of the identified institution for conducing survey for NCW and to facilitate maintenance and technical support for the survey platform. During the period DIC has been developed the Mobile application for data collection and web portal for all web related activity.

NCW Women Safety Audit Platform

Special Features

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Our portal provides an automated scorecard that assesses women's safety in Indian cities, offering a comprehensive and up-to-date safety rating. Users can easily access vital information to make informed decisions about the area in the city.

Our portal offers agency and survey management, streamlining data collection and analysis for organizations. The built-in question bank simplifies survey creation, enhancing efficiency and data accuracy.

Our portal provides a detailed survey analysis feature that categorizes responses by survey, enabling in-depth insights and tailored decision-making. Users can easily track and understand data patterns specific to each survey.

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