MeitY Quantum Computing

The MeitY Quantum Computing Applications Lab

Quantum Computing Applications Lab identifies quantum computing problem statements for experimentation from central and state government ministries, government agencies, research institutions, start-ups and academia. This is MeitY’s first initiative in the country to provide scientific, academic, and developer communities with access to a quantum computing development environment in the cloud.

This Quantum Computing Applications Lab enables the scientific, research and developer community with access to quantum computing on cloud and provides access to a fully managed quantum computing service on the AWS cloud that helps researchers and developers get started with the technology to accelerate research and discovery. The Lab provides selected applicants with no-cost access to quantum computing hardware, simulators, and programming tools on-demand, including access to the broad range of AWS Cloud services, enabling them to build algorithms, conduct advanced simulations, and run experiments.


The objective of the MeitY Quantum Computing Application Lab is to:

  • Accelerate India’s progress in quantum computing R&D including skilling.
  • Demonstrate social impact through cloud quantum computing technology by supporting experiments and development of prototype solutions across sectors such as financial services, chemical engineering, material sciences, agriculture and healthcare domains and others.

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The MeitY Quantum Computing Applications Lab

Special Features

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Access to quantum computing hardware, simulators, and programming tools, on-demand and at no cost, via Amazon Braket.

Amazon Braket provides a development environment to enable users to explore and design quantum algorithms, test and troubleshoot them on simulated quantum computers, and run them on different quantum hardware technologies.

This helps us to prepare and be future-ready and lead the next wave of computing technology.

The MeitY Quantum Computing Applications Lab in Collaboration With Amazon Web Services

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