Capacity Building

“Vision is to empower Central and State Governments to augment Digital India transformative initiatives.”

The division is entrusted with a crucial mission to augment  the competency requirements of the Government officers of Central line Ministries & State/UT, which help for the speedy implementation of the Digital India transformative initiatives. The projects aim to build internal capacities in Government to enable Digital Governance as a larger reform of Government service delivery and functioning. Progressive technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Data Analytics, Drones, Cloud etc. have become a critical facilitator for Governance.


It has a highly profound role in driving optimization and efficiency across all sectors.

  1. The comprehensive training programmes encompass a range of topics, including the implementation of e-Governance processes, the adoption and adaptation of Digital India initiatives/platforms, the utilisation of emerging technologies in government operations, the examination of national and international technological landscapes, the development of capacities for roles such as CIO/CISO/CTO etc

A total of 214 training programmes/workshops have been organised, with a cumulative participation of over 21,011 participants.
  1. The State e-Mission Team (SeMT) comprises a group of experts who are attached with the IT department of a State or Union Territory. Their primary role is to offer technical and professional assistance to the State's decision-making and policy-formulating entities, known as the State Apex Committee.

  2. The Learning Management System serves as a platform for enhancing the technological competencies of Government officials. It is designed to facilitate the implementation of the 'Karmayogi Programme', which aims to revolutionise capacity building in the Government sector by equipping officials with future-oriented skills and knowledge. Currently, the platform is being utilised by over 4.45 lakh learners.

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Capacity Building

Special Features

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A total of 214 training programmes/workshops have been organized, with a cumulative participation of over 21,011 participants.

• Experience continuous education through the latest emerging technologies, accessible anytime and anywhere. • Achieve a cohesive learning journey by integrating a state-of-the-art Learning Experience Platform (LXP) within our comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS). • Benefit from a tailored learning experience with our LXP suggestion engine, designed to support both online and offline learning.

Learning Management System (LMS) in e-Governance is a pioneering project under Digital India Programme initiated by the Government of India in 2015, with a vision of transforming India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy by leveraging IT as a growth engine.

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